‘E-Governance’ Objectives:

  1. Focus on clearly identified list of citizen services that covers clearly laid down service levels and outcomes.
  2. Improve efficiency and effectiveness in interaction between local government and its citizens and other stake holders.
  3. Improve quality of internal local government operations to support and stimulate good governance.
  4. Bring about transparency and accountability in the governance of urban local bodies.
  5. Enhance interface between urban local bodies and citizens.
  6. Help improve delivery of services to citizens.

‘E-Governance’ Services:

  1. Registration and issue of Birth/Death/Cremation Certificates
  2. Assessment and Property Tax
  3. Trade License Certificate ( New & Renewal )
  4. Payroll System
  5. Financial Accounting System
  6. Hospital Management System
  7. Online Packages ( EPF, IFMS , ULB HRMS , I-OSMS , NSAP , MID DAY MEAL, E-TENDER etc.)

Other Achievements:

  1. LAN Connection in Municipal campus buildings.
  2. WAN  Connectivity  between Ward  Office and Naihati Municipal Building.
  3. Website  Development  of  Naihati  Municipality.
  4. Computer  Training  to  Municipal Staff.
  5. Central Servers and Central Online UPS System.
  6. Electric Earth in.

Contact Person with designation :

Shri  Chinmoy  Chakraborty,  I. T. Coordinator, 033-2581-2098 (Extn. – 125)