• Introduction:-

For keeping your Municipality clean and garbage free, Municipality’s Conservancy Service is always at your doorstep. Right from bucket service to dislodging of septic Tank Municipality’s Conservancy Department is always on their toes to keep your surroundings habitable. For efficient scavenging and cleaning of all streets, public places and premises Naihati Municipality has a conservancy department engaged in cleaning of solid waste, Trade refuse, carcasses of dead animals, polluted matters, rubbish etc. In different parts of the city there are 89 No. of vats where the items referred to above are collected daily. By means of 8 tractors and 14 containers these huge waste is taken to the trenching ground everyday for dumping. Naihati Municipality has 12 tractors, and there are 12 numbers of lifting trailers. The Municipality also maintains an automated cesspool emptier 700ft suction capacity & mini cesspool emptier. Both operate on a commercial basis

To augment Conservancy Service Municipality 31 Wards is divided into six Sectors. Name    and Address of the Sector offices are given.

Sector name  Address Ward included Sector in charge Contact No
Deulpara1 Chest Clinic, Baroda Bridge east (ward 11, 19, 20, 21) Rajesh Podder 9330560791
Deul para 2 Rishi Bankim, Municipal Office (ward 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28) S.Bhattacharyya 9874476571
Garifa – I Malancha Road (ward 1, 2, 3) S. P. Dubey 9432096877
Garifa – II Roypara Health Center (ward 4, 5, 6, 7) Uday Mondal 9477488232
Garifa – III Gourpur Chowmatha (ward 8, 9, 10, 14) A. Ghosh 9126032918
Naihati Main office Building (ward 15, 16, 17, 18) P. Shikdar 9432087365
Kanthalpara Main office Building (ward 28, 29, 30, 31) S. Ghosh 9874082056
  • Conservancy Service at a glance:
1. Population (as per 2011 census) 2,17,900
2. Density of Population/ 7,029
3. Taxable holding 27,623
4. Residential Holding 27,121
Road Length
1. Bituminious (
2. Brick Paved (
3. Concrete (
4. Jhama (
5. Kuttcha (in.k.m.)
6. Bituminious of PWD dept.(
Drain Length
1. Cemented drain (in.k.m.)
2.Kuttcha Drain (in.K.M.)
3. Public Toilet
4. Total waste generated per day 110 tones (Approx)
5. Trenching Ground NIL
  • Sewage & Sanitation:-

Under Ganga Action plan KMDA has Construct 1(one) STP Station with 3 lifting stations, Drainage in Naihati Municipality has a system of open and closed drains. The extent of coverage of drains are as follows:

Cemented drain (in. k.m.)                                       

Kuttcha drain ( in. k.m.)                                          

Public Toilet                                                              

Five high drains(Khals) take the bulk of the city’s discharge water 1. Muktarpur Khal. 2. Keorapara Khal, 3. Thana Khal, 4. Patterson Road Khal 5. Haran Mazumder Khal(1) 6. Haran Mazumder Khal(2} One runs into Ganga River taking the outflow from Southeastern side of Railway track and the town Centre. Secondly runs into Ganga River taking the out flow from Naihati Railway Station area. Another one runs into Ganga River taking the outflow from Northeastern side of Railway track and middle part of the town. Rest 3 nos. of Khals run from Patterson Road & Haran Mazumder Road respectively towards Ganga River.

  • Solid Waste Management:-

Naihati Municipality has introduced a unique system for solid waste collection from door to door. through bucket system in 9 wards, and the system will be introduce in rest 22 nos. of wards within very soon. Polythene bucket has been provided to each family residing in the city. The House owners place their house hold waste in the buckets which are collected by Agencies engaged on contract, every day and dumps them in the nearest Vat wherefrom these wastes are sent to the Damping ground by means of Trailers. 

  • Solid Waste Management at a glance:
1. No of buckets supplied for removal of solid waste 72,000
2. No of Vats in the city 84
3. No of Tractors 12
4. No of Trailers 15
5. No of Cess pool emptier 2
6. No of Mini-Cess pool emptier 1
7. Coverage 95%
  • Services :-

The Conservancy Department provides the following services:

  1. Dislodge / cleaning of septic Tank
  2. Procedure:

Step 1. To buy a specific from of Rs. 10/- and to fill it up for the clearance, available at the cash Department of the Municipality.

Step 2. After filling it up submit the form at the concerned Department.

Step 4. After being forwarded by the Conservancy Department, rate chart specified amount has to be deposited at the CASH Section of the Municipality.

Step 5. Depositing the specified cash applicant again has to contact Conservancy Department for maintain priority system..

Time Frame: If the applicant’s house is within Municipality’s jurisdiction the septic tank will generally be cleared within 10/12 days in Tatkal category and 90/95 days in General category from the date of Money deposited at the municipality.

Service Charge: According to the size of the septic tank for rate chart details is Tatkal – Rs,1000/- & General – Rs,700/- within the jurisdiction of municipal area and outer of municipal area it is Tatkal – Rs. 2500/- & General – Rs. 2200/-

Cleaning of Rubbish, offensive materials, trade refuse, polluted matters etc.

Procedure: Conservancy department cleans the different part of the city on application basis and after that the collected waste is taken to the Dumping ground for dumping.

Service Charge: Rs, 300/- per Trailer.

Time frame: Conservancy department cleans the different part of city on a daily basis.

Carcasses of dead animals.

Service Charge: Free of cost.

For the purpose of carcass lifting contact the above mentioned sectors or call 033-2581-2098 Except Sunday and Holiday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Different public Utility Service:

Garbage Trolley

Safety tanks Clearance

Road Sweeping

Drain cleaning etc.

  • Awareness Program:-

Plastic Pollution Control


Controlling pollution of Ganga through Nirmal Ganga Aviyan

Clean city Awareness Programmed.